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Important Notice Regarding discharging Builders' Liens and Construction Liens


Effective May 27, 2024 – LTS (Land Titles and Surveys) will continue to expedite registrations of Court Orders discharging Builders’ Lien and will now also include expedited registrations for Cancellation/Discharges of Construction Liens and Builders’ Liens as well as Court Orders Discharging Constructions Liens.

This will only apply to the following document types

▪ Court Orders Discharging Construction Lien
▪ Court Orders Discharging Builders’ Lien
▪ Cancellation of Construction Lien executed by the Lienholder or Agent for the Lienholder
▪ Cancellation of Builders’ Lien executed by the Lienholder or Agent for the Lienholder

For more information and details, please see client notice dated 2024-05-27 here.



Important Notice Regarding Changes to the Digital Signature Policy

Posted May 15, 2024

Amendments were made to the Land Titles Act, digital signature policy to permit certain documents to be fully digitally signed and submitted electronically.  Please review the Digital Signature Policy for details.  

These changes only effect electronic submissions; paper submissions remain as is.

The changes are not mandatory; users are able to continue their existing execution practices. 



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